Feb 01, 2020

While satellite (big) data is touted as providing an effective solution for monitoring resources at scale it is often difficult for non-experts or those responsible for monitoring change to easily access and process such data. Indufor has created the following user interface that allows both staff and clients to quickly assess image availability in GEE without having to write a script.

The app allows selection of different sensors and date ranges, use the mouse to pan to an area of interest. Clicking the Review imagery button will generate thumbnails of the last two months of Sentinel-1 radar, Sentinel-2 or Landsat imagery over the current map extent. Clicking on a thumbnail will select the date and list the respective image ids. Clicking the Add Image To Map button will add the image to the map. Drag the slider tool in the middle of the scene to compare between images or drag it to the top/bottom to get a full-screen view of one image.